About PAIR

The Papaya Information Resource (PAIR v1.0) launched by Dr. Fei Chen and Prof. Liangsheng Zhang, maintains a database of genetic and molecular biology data for the tropical fruit tree Carica papaya. The available data from PAIR includes the complete genome sequence along with gene structure, gene product information, gene expression, gene families, genetic markers, publications, and information about the papaya R&D community. 


(2017-04-08) Three jobs related to papaya R&D available! See the News menu~

(2017-04-05) We reached a milestone with 637 visits during last 30 days.

(2017-04-05) The map of Y chromosome is available!

(2017-3-26) The Blast is available!

(2017-3-21) The JBrowse is available!

(2017-3-11) Good news! The Papaya Information Resource "PAIR v1.0" is online!


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