Q & A

Q: Which plant is selected for genome sequencing?
A female plant of the transgenic variety ‘SunUp’ was selected for genome sequencing, to avoid the complication of assembling the XY chromosomes in a male or hermaphrodite plant.

Q: Any brief introduction about the papaya genome?
Papaya has a small genome of 372 Mb, diploid inheritance with nine pairs of chromosomes, The genome of SunUp female was sequenced at 3x coverage using whole genome shotgun (WGS) approach with Sanger sequencers.  It was assembled into contigs compromising of 271 Mb and scaffolds extending 370 Mb including embedded gaps.  The residual heterozygosity of SunUp is 0.06% as estimated which confirmed its high inbreeding nature.  The papaya genome contains 24,746 genes, about 25% less than Arabidopsis. It is also an AT-rich genome, with the G+C content of 35.3%, and consists of about 52% repetitive sequences (Ming et al. 2008).